Happy January! New Years Resolution Time!

Do you make resolutions? I am not generally one of those people. I do have a little mini journal that I keep a running list of life goals in for myself and my family. I have never really been one to sit down and make a list of changes and goals every January 1st.

That doesn’t mean that I just sit around with zero aspirations. I always kinda have in the back of my mind that this year will be the one that I get healthier and drink more water. I will be a better wife and mom. We will put more into savings and cut out excess spending. Maybe even plan for that amazing vacation. I think everyone can understand what I am saying here– we all have those sort of goals rolling around in our brain.

I have learned in my 35 years that, there is something to putting something in writing. It sort of makes it seem more official. So I have decided that this year, we are going to write our resolutions down in our family.

Physically write them out….with pen and paper….and make a plan.

It is one thing to set goals, but those goals also need to be attainable!! What steps do you need to take to reach those goals??

I think that those things listed above will obviously be on my mind. One other major goal that I am setting for myself is to memorize scripture. My goal is to cover one verse per week. That might sound super easy to you, but I have a purpose for devoting that much time to each verse. I don’t want to memorize it in the sense that I can ramble it off with my eyes closed. I want to memorize it and dwell on it. I want  those scriptures to be “hidden in my heart” like in Psalm 119:11. I want each verse to become a part of me in such a way that I can lean on them during hard times when I might not know what to pray. We all go through times when we are exhausted physically and emotionally. The Lord is reminding me that it is important to have His words and His promises inside of us so that we can speak that life over our self, especially during those battles.

My first verse is 1 Peter 1:6-

So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while.

This is how I am going to help myself memorize and dwell on this verse this week….

I also have it saved on my phone and hanging up in our kitchen. 😁

We will see how this method goes. I may end up switching it up, but this is how I am going to start.

What are some of your favorite verses to memorize? and your tried and true methods?

If you see me this year, ask me what verse I am working on for the week. (you might even see random letters scribbled on my hand) 


About jfulford01

Hello to anyone taking time form their busy lives to read my blog. I am a wife to an amazing man, who I am blessed to serve alongside in youth ministry. I am mommy to two amazing kids who I am privileged to be able to homeschool. This blog is out of my comfort zone and certainly me trying to be obedient to Christ. I love Him more than I care about my own comfort or awkwardness. Hopefully, this blog is honest, real, and transparent. I'm not a big fan of fake. The Lord is using it to bring growth to me...and I pray that in the process something about my crazy beautiful life might also encourage others.
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