Making A Little Spending Money With Apps

I have been at this for a little over two months now. I knew that I would eventually write a post about this, but I wanted to wait and give it a little time so that I could really measure if I was successful or not. I already know that there are so many more tips and tricks to maximize this way more than I am currently doing. So, if you have suggestions then please share! If you are new to this, then at least this can give you a place to start. It’s a process. These are the apps that I have used and how much I have earned from them with literally nothing invested.

Just a side note- I set up a separate email account just for the purpose of these apps. I did not want to be bombarded in my main inbox.

The first app was Ebates. A lot of people are familiar with this and I just sound like I am super late to the party. I mainly use this for ordering from Nordstrom, Amazon, and Shutterfly. The hard part for me has been that Amazon isn’t always listed. A couple of significant purchases were made and those were days that it did not show up when I searched. So apparently, there is a rotation of some sort that I just have not figured out yet. I have earned $11.67 from this app. I know it might not seem like much, but I can’t help but think about how this app will come in handy during this coming Christmas season!!

The second app is Shopkick. This one is fun. You earn points by checking in at stores, scanning products, and making purchases. I will admit that I have sent Allie over to stand in the doorway of a store and get my check in points while we were walking through the mall. You can also earn points by scanning items that are listed and you don’t even have to purchase them. Higher points are awarded if you do make purchases. Your points earned can be turned in for gift cards. I have earned $4. This is free money! I literally open the app when I walk into a store that I would going into anyway!

The next app is ipoll. This is a survey app. I have done very little on this- I don’t even think that I have opened the app a dozen times. I need to maybe check this one a little more. Even with my lack of activity, I have earned $5.05.

The fourth app is Inbox Dollars. I use this one daily. Throughout the day, I am sent maybe a dozen emails from this app. I open the emails, scroll to the bottom, click “confirm paid email” and delete it. I earn a few cents every time. I personally don’t ever click onto whatever the email is promoting. I just confirm and delete. You can also complete surveys and earn by watching videos. This app has given me $11.22.

Another app is swagbucks. I earn using this one by watching videos. I use the term ‘watching’ very lightly. I usually play videos when I am at home and my phone is plugged into the charger. I turn the sound off, choose the video type and let it play. My phone has been in the other room earning while I am helping the kids with school or cooking dinner. There is another app that you can get SBTV (swagbucksTV). You can link your account and this second app just makes it a little easier to go straight to the videos. If you are interested in actually watching, they have videos on home & garden, travel, recipes, entertainment, etc. I have earned $7.00 by simply letting my phone play videos wile I am doing other things.

Receipt Hog is the next one. This is probably my most used and I already have  a dozen other people using this app as well!! All you have to do is take a pic of your receipt and rank you experience with 1-4 stars. It’s that easy! I have only ever had one receipt kicked out because of a smudged date. You earn coins based on being consistent ( for entering receipts every week) and for the dollar amount of your ticket. The higher the amount the more coins earned. Every week that you enter receipts, you are moved up a level. Stick with it. By the time you reach level 12 or so, the rewards go up significantly! This takes zero work- you just snap a photo of your receipt!! I have earned $5 so far!!

The last app that I am going to share about is Ibotta. On this app, you choose what store you are going into and the items you are buying from the list. You answer one random question to unlock the rebate and then you scan the item and your receipt. Once your purchases are verified then the rebate amount is put into your account. It does also working sale items-I was paid twenty five cents for buying cookies on my last trip, because the item was on sale! I have earned $20.25. I know people that have earned this much in three days…. So this is a great app to use. I just can’t tell yu how many times I have simply forgotten to check it out when in the store!

That’s a total of $64.19 that I have earned in free money!!

Anyone should be able to earn at least this much since I was investing a minimal amount of effort! I have a feeling that my figures are going to keep increasing!

I am mastering that art of making it a habit and knowing how to take full advantage of each app. For instance- on a trip to Walmart last week, I sat in my car for about 90 seconds before I went in and went over  the items listed on the Ibotta app for items that were on my shopping list. (Or any other items that might be a good deal). Once inside the store, I checked in on shopkick and even scanned a few items around the store for more points. After l left, I put the receipt in my receipt hog app and earned coins. One trip- three different sets of rewards!
Some of these amounts might seem small to you and not worth it, but as you can see- they add up!$4 on shopkick might seem  insignificant, but would you open your wallet and just throw away $4??  Money is money and it adds up. $4 is a cup of coffee or a trip for ice cream! I’ve earned over $30 per month of spending money!

My husband was very skeptical and would always make comments about my phone playing videos. I would remind him that it was on charge and in wifi and then tell him that I was making money! Haha! I think he was impressed though with my $64 total!!

There are a few more apps that I have just started so I cannot comment on them yet.  I have sent a box to, which is a clothes reselling company. You create an account and print off a shipping label, so it costs you nothing. I’m still waiting to hear back from them. I also just added checkout51 to my list- it seems a lot like Ibotta. I’m going to see if I can double up on rewards from one trip!! I have also added a few photos to foap, which is an add that you can use to sell photography.

My two other favorite ways to save money would be the Walmart savings Catcher app and Bilo fuel perks. I have filled up my car for $10 because of the fuel perks and currently have a little over $40 in earnings on the savings catcher!

The majority of these apps have great sign up bonuses, so go ahead and give it a try!!


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